In Nizhnevartovsk honored the memory of soldiers-internationalists

The day before in Russia passed the solemn events dedicated to the 29th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

In Nizhnevartovsk honored the memory of soldiers-internationalists

Nizhnevartovsk was no exception. The event began with the laying of flowers at the monument to soldiers-internationalists. Veterans of hostilities, relatives of the deceased soldiers and officers, deputies, public figures and simply indifferent people gathered at Komsomolskiy Boulevard to honor the memory of the dead.

«More than half a million Soviet soldiers and officers passed through the Afghan war. And we have no right to forget: the military people marched on it, following the oath. And thousands of servicemen gave their lives, fulfilling their soldier's, their army duty. We have no right to forget this at all», - said Yevgeniy Knyazev, director of the Department of Social Policy of the administration of Nizhnevartovsk.

To be faithful to a military duty means to prove your loyalty by your actions. More than 600 young guys from Nizhnevartovsk have honestly and bravely fulfilled their international duty in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, many returned with injuries, and six of them died.

«We bow before those who have not returned. Thank you», - said Fedor Matrusenko, a veteran of oil industry and an honorable Sir of Nizhnevartovsk.

The war, which lasted more than 10 years, ended for Soviet soldiers on February 15, 1989, when the last of them left the mountains of Afghanistan.

«If you remember, the withdrawal of troops began in 1988, and only in the 89th ended, that's why this is a real holiday for us», - said Nikolai Chistyakov, participant of the concert, who came to the event with his young son.

In memory of the soldiers, who fulfilled the international duty before the end, an exhibition «At the service of the Fatherland» was organized in the Palace of Arts. Those interested could see the documents, albums, photos, awards, personal belongings of soldiers of the Soviet Army. Assembling a gun, Vadim Sokolnikov, a student of the 42nd school, admitted: «It's interesting to study history and takes pride in grandfathers».

In addition, the thematic concert «Your Sons, Russia!» was held in Nizhnevartovsk, where the ceremony of rewarding veterans of military operations was held.

«There are a lot of young people in the auditorium, it's very pleasant that young people visit such events and appreciate the significance of it», - said Marat Ismagilov, chairman of the local city organization of veterans of the military actions «Red Star».



Статья на русском: В Нижневартовске почтили память воинов-интернационалистов

Photo:, the press service of the Administration of Nizhnevartovsk

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