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Professor who predicted collapse of USSR predicts same fate to United States

According to a scientist from Norway, the integrity of the United States will be violated by the end of 2020. Earlier, the professor predicted the collapse of the state by 2025.

Professor who predicted collapse of USSR predicts same fate to United States

Norwegian professor Johan Galtung believes that the United States of America will fall into several independent states by the beginning of 2021. The scientist made such a conclusion on the basis of Washington's foreign policy, as well as from the situation that developed against the background of the presidential election, which caused certain processes in society and politics. Earlier, Galtung gave a forecast about the collapse of the USSR, which turned out to be correct.

The professor assumed that the collapse of the United States would occur in 2025, but the events of recent years forced the scientist to change the timing of the forecast. According to him, Washington's use of economic sanctions to pressure the world stage, as well as the confrontation with Europe and Asian countries, will soon lead to collapse.

Besides, the scientist takes into account the recognition by the US government of its own powerlessness before the pandemic, as well as the economic crisis caused by it. These events of this year and the internal political confrontation against the background of the upcoming presidential elections will lead to the disintegration of the country into separate states, Galtung concluded.


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