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18.06.2024 13:32
Experts continue to argue about the benefits and harms of one of the most popular drinks - coffee. Some argue that coffee is not worth getting carried away with, as it harms the gastrointestinal tract, increases blood pressure and is dangerous for people with heart disease, while others believe that a cup of invigorating drink is good for everyone. Dr. Alexander Myasnikov called coffee the drink of long-livers.

18.06.2024 13:22
The supercomputer of the statistical portal Opta Sports conducted a second study of the chances of winning the national teams at the tournament a day before the start of Euro 2024, the results of which turned out to be different from the first test.

18.06.2024 13:05
Scientists at the Massachusetts General Cancer Center conducted a study in which they discovered a gene that «helps» spread cancer cells in the human body.

18.06.2024 12:54
Several streets and alleys will be temporarily closed in Moscow on June 15 and 16 in connection with the celebration of the Islamic holiday Kurban Bayram. This was reported by the press service of the Department of Transport of the capital.

18.06.2024 12:44
An air alert has been declared in the Odessa region.

18.06.2024 12:29
According to the survey, the majority of Russians are in favor of abolishing the Unified State Examination (USE).

18.06.2024 12:11
Germany, Lithuania, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Poland were the main exporters of the beverage.

18.06.2024 11:59
Washington has notified Moscow of the suspension of a number of double taxation treaties signed in 1992, the U.S. Treasury Department said on its website.

18.06.2024 11:48
The UK's national health care system is in an ever-deepening crisis, from which neither the Conservative Party nor Labor has yet managed to emerge.

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