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Apple may have its own web search engine

There is an assumption that the company was prompted to develop an antitrust lawsuit against Google. The new search engine will be the base on all Apple devices.

Apple may have its own web search engine

Apple is developing its search engine, according to the Financial Times. The publication reminds that Google recently received an antitrust lawsuit from the US Department of Justice. The department considered that Google does not allow small companies to enter the market. The corporation denied the accusations, citing the free choice of users and the quality of its services.

In Apple Safari browsers, Google's search engine is also the default. The new search engine will replace the old one and will be installed as the main one on all devices. The development began with technology that first appeared in iOS 14. Apple began to show its search results and give direct links to the site, bypassing Google.

The authors of the article also noted that Apple is looking for engineers specializing in search services.


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