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Poland closes entry into country for students from Belarus

The State Border Committee of Belarus reported that there is no opportunity for students to get to Poland. Warsaw has not yet explained its actions.

Poland closes entry into country for students from Belarus

"A group of Belarusian students came to the border with Poland on the evening of October 30. They were explained about the need to self-isolate for ten days, and were asked to return, but the Polish side refused them enter without explanation," the State Border Committee of Belarus said in a Telegram channel.

Belarusian border guards explained that students may not have time to return to classes because of the need to self-isolate. Poland is among the countries with a dysfunctional epidemiological situation, so students would definitely have to comply with the instructions of the authorities.

Belarus previously announced the closure of borders with Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The reason is the tense situation with coronavirus in the above countries. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba announced the verification of the decision made by the authorities of Belarus on the closure of the border.


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