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Selena Gomez spoke about mental disorder

Famous singer and actress Selena Gomez asked her fans to be more attentive to mental health.

Selena Gomez spoke about mental disorder

28-year-old Gomez frankly admitted that she has a mental illness. She said that she has bipolar disorder, but before that she had been misdiagnosed for many years. For this reason, the singer suffered very much.

For a long time, Selena tried to overcome panic attacks and insurmountable depressions that were associated with lupus. She still struggles with this disease, and most of all the problems were aggravated in quarantine, but walks, recreation in nature and communication with relatives helped her.

At the moment, Gomez is in great shape and has even released a new video for the song Ice Cream.


Photo: from open sources

Video: RuNews24 / "Yandex.Efir"

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