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Brad Pitt’s new passion turned out to be married

Hollywood is still discussing a new love affair of popular actor Brad Pitt with young model Nicole Poturalski. The 27-year-old German model was noticed with a 50-year-old actor during their romantic trip to France.

Brad Pitt’s new passion turned out to be married

The public believes that since Pitt decided to bring Nicole to his property in France, then, most likely, the relationship between them is more than serious.

It also turned out that the couple has been dating since last year, when they were noted at a concert by rapper Kanye West in the capital of California. At that time, they were already communicating quite closely. However, the most interesting thing in this story is that Brad is a divorced man, but Poturalski is a married woman.

It turns out that until some point she was married to businessman Roland Mary, who is 41 years older than her. He met Nicole when she was only 19 years old. At that time, she was just starting her career in the modeling business, but this did not interfere with their relationship, and a little later, the couple had a son. To date, they do not live together, but have not officially divorced.

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