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Artificial intelligence designed to detect dangerous drivers

The new algorithm recognizes license plates, faces with high accuracy, and is also able to determine if a person is not fastened, speaks on the phone or falls asleep.

Artificial intelligence designed to detect dangerous drivers

An international team of scientists - experts from Edith Cowan University, the University of Malaya and the University of Melbourne - first worked to create an algorithm for determining the license plates of moving cars. To teach the algorithm, they used traffic cameras recordings on the Malaysian highway.

Then, this system was added with a facial recognition program, which, in addition, is trained to determine whether a driver has signs of unsafe driving - this can be both non-use of seat belts and speaking on the phone while driving. The program can also determine if a driver falls asleep.

In the future, the developers want to add to this complex functions for analyzing maneuvers made by drivers.

An article with details is published in the journal Sensors.


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