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Trump shortly before election reduced gap with Biden

Donald Trump is gradually catching up with his rival in the presidential election, Joe Biden. A few days before the vote, the American leader reduced the gap against the competitor by two points.

Trump shortly before election reduced gap with Biden

According to a Fox News poll, Biden and Trump now share not 10 percentage points like three weeks ago, but only 8.

The study was conducted from October 27 to 29. It showed that 44 percent of respondents are going to vote for Trump, 52 percent – for Biden.

Another 2 percent of Americans support a third-party candidate, and 2 percent found it difficult to answer their preference question.

The publication writes that Trump is mainly supported by villagers, white men, and evangelical Christians. Biden is popular among women, black and Hispanic people, young US citizens.


Photo: Carlos Barria / REUTERS

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