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Lukashenko: Belarus will stop recognizing foreign diplomas

He added that you need to study. According to him, most students do not want to participate in the protests.

Lukashenko: Belarus will stop recognizing foreign diplomas

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that soon the country's authorities will cease to recognize diplomas of higher education that have been issued abroad.

BelTA reports Lukashenko's words. The head of state made a statement during the meeting on personnel matters.

Lukashenko justified his decision by the fact that it is necessary to ensure the safety of students. According to him, if Belarusian students leave to study in the Baltic countries, they will be hostile to Belarus and by the time they return to their homeland they will be made their fifth column.

In other words, Lukashenko continued, it is necessary to ensure that students continue their studies, and not participate in protests. Those who want to study are more than 95%, he said.


Photo: Maxim Guchek / TASS

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