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Trump signs order to sanctions on Iran for weapons trade

The document covers several parties to cooperation in the arms field. According to the plan, the order should deter Iran in an effort to destabilize the Middle East.

Trump signs order to sanctions on Iran for weapons trade

US President Donald Trump signed an order according to which economic sanctions are imposed on those individuals and organizations that sell, supply or transfer non-nuclear weapons to Iran.

This was stated by presidential adviser on national security Robert O'Brien, RIA Novosti reports.

The official emphasized that the document provides for both the export of weapons to Iran and its trade from the very territory of this country.

The National Security Adviser emphasized that the sanctions will further tie Iran's hands in its desire to purchase modern ballistic weapons, as well as produce it itself.

We remind that the States and many Western countries believe that Iran poses a threat to security in the Middle East.


Photo: Alex Brandon / AP Photo 

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