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In Moscow railway station “Khovrino” will be renamed “Grachevskaya”

57% of respondents voted for this name. Deptrans recalled that the Grachevsky park and estate «Grachevka» are close to the station.

In Moscow railway station “Khovrino” will be renamed “Grachevskaya”

The department emphasized that the name "Khovrino" will remain with the station of the 3rd route of the MCD.

The Khovrino-2 railway platform is going to be commissioned before the end of this year. Together with the metro station and the international bus station, it will become part of a single transport hub.

"Together with the bus station, they will unite in a large and comfortable transport hub in the north of the capital. A single name for the stations will prevent unnecessary confusion," Deptrans said.

Earlier, the department informed that passengers from Zelenograd and Khimki will be able to use this transport hub. Deptrans reported that thanks to the opening of Khovrino-2, the transport situation will become better in more than 20 areas.


Photo: / mostransmonitoring

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