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Coronavirus cases exceeds 9 million in United States

Among the states, California is the leader in the number of cases.

Coronavirus cases exceeds 9 million in United States

Last Friday, a new anti-record was recorded in the United States. The number of coronavirus cases of in the country exceeded the mark of 9 million people. According to Johns Hopkins University, the exact number of cases is equal to 9,007,298.

These data were obtained by experts thanks to information provided by the authorities of federal and local importance.

The number of cases is highest in the state of California - over 925 thousand. In second place is Texas, over 919 thousand. Closes the top three - Florida, over 799 thousand.

229,293 people have died from the effects of the disease in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic. 3,554,336 people were successfully cured.

The states rank first among the countries with the largest number of people who contracted coronavirus. They are followed by India. Third place in Brazil.


Photo: from open sources

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