In Germany, Hitler’s speech manuscripts sold for €190 thousand

The European Jewish Congress condemned the deal. Representatives of the auction house emphasized that these documents are of great historical importance.

In Germany, Hitler’s speech manuscripts sold for €190 thousand
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In Munich, the Hermann Historica auction house sold seven manuscripts of Adolf Hitler's speeches during the auction. It is reported by the newspaper Bild.

As noted, buyers wished to remain anonymous.

Hitler wrote one of the speeches in early 1939 to speak to Wehrmacht officers - eight months before the outbreak of World War II. This historical document was sold for almost €35 thousand.

Others were written before. For example, a four-page speech of 1937 was addressed to protesters in Nuremberg.

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Another of the documents dates back to 1935. However, not only the manuscripts were sold, but also cutlery made of silver, postcards, napkins, a coffee pot.

This is not the first such sale: in 2016, Hermann Historica sold the Fuhrer uniform for €275 thousand.


Photo: Reuters 

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