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Italian commune offers 20 thousand euros for relocation

This commune is Santo Stefano, only 115 people live there, of whom almost half are pensioners. However, it is not enough to just move there in order to get money.

Italian commune offers 20 thousand euros for relocation

The authorities of the Italian commune of Santo Stefano figured out how to attract more new residents to the village. They want to issue 20 thousand euros to those decided to move, which in rubles is about 1.8 million rubles. Such information appeared on the official website of the settlement administration.

However, 20 thousand euros are offered not to everyone, but only to those who want to open their business in the sticks. In addition to such a subsidy, they offer cheap housing and additional payments of 8 thousand euros in the first three years. In addition, businessmen will have to live in the commune for five years.

Meanwhile, very few people live in the village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio - 115, of whom 41 people are over 65 years old, 13 people are under 20 years old.

Applications can be left on the official website until November 15. At the same time, it is not necessary to have Italian citizenship, for residents not from the European Union it will be necessary to get the status of an early resident.


Photo: from open sources

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