Twenty-six royal swans put to sleep in England because of bird flu

Another six noble birds died from this infectious viral disease.

Twenty-six royal swans put to sleep in England because of bird flu
Photo: from open sources
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Royal branding swans David Barber informed Queen Elizabeth II of an outbreak of avian influenza that had been detected among swans in England. Six swans died and another 26 had to be put to sleep. This was reported on Tuesday, January 18, by the Daily Mail newspaper.

The decision to put the royal swans to sleep was made by veterinarians at the Swan Lifeline center, which operates on the River Thames in Windsor, to stop the spread of the infection.

The newspaper notes that since the days of Edgar the Peaceful (943-975), the English monarch has owned swans on the Thames. This is even reflected in one of the monarch's official titles, Seigneur of the Swans.

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British publications noted that Elizabeth II was saddened by the news and asked to keep her informed.

Avian influenza has several strains, but most of them pose no danger to humans. Birds are carriers of the disease. The virus affects the digestive and respiratory organs of birds and leads to their death.

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