Russians vaccinated with Sputnik Light cannot travel abroad

Some countries around the world, including Egypt and Turkey, refuse to accept tourists vaccinated with a one-component coronavirus vaccine, as it has not been approved by the WHO.

Russians vaccinated with Sputnik Light cannot travel abroad
Photo: Turistas
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The Russian single-component vaccine Sputnik Lite, which has not been approved by the WHO, is not recognized in some foreign countries, including Turkey and Egypt, as reported by Turistas.

Travel to another country for those who have been revaccinated with a single-component vaccine is possible, but the number of such countries is limited. According to travel agents, people vaccinated with the vaccine "Sputnik Lite" can travel to Russian destinations.

Those wishing to visit, for example, Sochi, where the traveler will be given a certificate of vaccination, and what kind of vaccine - does not matter.

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At the same time the rules of entry into a particular country are constantly changing. When buying a ticket, it is worth immediately clarifying what restrictions are currently in force in the country where the planned vacation.

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