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VTsIOM: grandparents participated actively in raising 63% of Russians

According to the survey, more than a quarter of Russian residents are ready to entrust their grandparents with raising their own children. Only 3% prefer nannies.

VTsIOM: grandparents participated actively in raising 63% of Russians

The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion conducted a study, having interviewed 1,600 Russians at the age of 18. The publication of the results is timed to coincide with the International Day of Grandparents, which is celebrated on October 28.

According to the data received, 27% of Russians are ready to entrust the upbringing of children to grandparents, 66% of respondents believe that it is better to choose a kindergarten, 3% of respondents prefer to hire a nanny.

The study showed that almost a third (32%) of Russians spent a lot of time in childhood with grandparents, this was more often reported by people at the age of 25-44. 17% of respondents spent less time with them, another 14% of respondents said that they were raised by grandparents. Such an answer was given mainly by Russians from 45 years old. A quarter of the survey participants (25%) said they either did not see each other, or spent little time with grandparents.

More than half of Russians associate grandmothers with warmth and soulfulness (54%), 19% called support and attention, 13% called love. In addition, recalling grandmothers, every tenth Russian (10%) calls tasty food. 8% chose experience and mind.


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