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148 protesters are detained in Belarus

Protesters were dispersed with stun grenades, many protesters were injured.

148 protesters are detained in Belarus

On October 25, another protest action was held in Minsk against the results of the presidential elections in Belarus, which took place on August 9. At this unauthorized rally, law enforcement officers first dispersed the opposition with special means, and then began to detain.

RIA News reports the use of stun grenades by security forces, which forced people to go to the courtyards of residential buildings. An eyewitness said that the grenades exploded right under the feet of the protesters, someone "was left standing in smoke, the rest had to scatter."

Another eyewitness said that he counted a dozen detainees. He says that the fallen people were beaten, lifted and led further. There were doctors on the spot, the victims came to them: someone was temporarily deaf, someone was with burns, someone was injured in the stomach.

Another eyewitness said that when the protesters began to disperse, the police went to check the yards and cars passing there.

The human rights center "Vesna" reports 148 detainees throughout Belarus during the action "People's Ultimatum" on October 25.


Photo: Radio Liberty

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