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Algal blooms are officially recognized as cause of contamination in Kamchatka

The cause of water pollution in Kamchatka was the natural factor. This was announced by Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Adrianov.

Algal blooms are officially recognized as cause of contamination in Kamchatka

"The mass death of bottom hydrobionts occurred as a result of exposure to toxins of the genus Karenia, dinoflagellates," Adrianov said.

The algae that caused the death of marine animals are called dinoflagellates. They live mainly in the seas. In particular, during flowering they have toxicity and can cause significant environmental damage. In humans, algae can cause respiratory failure and neurotoxic poisoning.

It is noted that Russian scientists found large spots of toxic plankton in Kamchatka in the spring. They came from Japan. First, the spot went to Chukotka, then it went down to the coast of Kamchatka.

The version of natural pollution of the Avacha Bay has become a priority in the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. The head of the Ministry of Natural Resources also recognized that the cause of marine pollution in Kamchatka is a natural factor.

We remind that at the end of September, surfers reported a change in the color of the water on Khalaktyr beach. Later, many dead marine animals were found on the east coast of the peninsula. Criminal cases have been instituted, the investigation is ongoing.


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