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Pope: homosexuals have right to form families

Pope Francis voiced support for marriage between men. The opinion was expressed in the documentary «Francesco.»

Pope: homosexuals have right to form families

"Homosexuals have the right to form families. They are children of God, so they can live together," said the Pope.

The head of the Vatican believes that the law on civil unions should be amended. The pontiff is confident that this measure will protect the rights of homosexuals who want to form a family.

Pope Francis expressed support for same-sex marriage for the first time after he became the head of the Catholic Church. The premiere of the film "Francesco" took place on October 21 at the Roman Film Festival.

In the documentary, the Pope speaks of migration, poverty, the environment and racial inequality. The pontiff also raises the issue of discrimination of various segments of the population.

Pope Francis also wrote his book entitled TerraFutura. In particular, it says that the divine pleasures are sex and food.


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