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USA destroys 45 Russian ALV devices

The United States disposed of more than 40 ALV devices brought from Russia.

USA destroys 45 Russian ALV devices

According to the US Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in fact, the devices were "thrown away." The publication BuzzFeed with reference to the representative of the agency writes that this was done in accordance with strict regulatory requirements for the disposal of hazardous waste. Date of equipment disposal is not reported.

At the same time, in May, the agency said that Russian devices were never used - there was a difference in voltage in electrical networks, and there were no necessary adapters in hospitals. After that, the devices were sent to the warehouse.

We remind that in the spring of 2020, Russia delivered 45 Aventa-M ALV devices to the United States as part of humanitarian assistance. The supply was discussed by the leaders of the two countries, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. However, the issue of using devices arose after fires occurred in hospitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where Aventa-M devices were used. After the inspection, Roszdravnadzor did not find a direct connection between the devices and the fires.


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