Russian coronavirus drug on sale

Russian pharmacies already have the drug for coronavirus “Areplivir” for treatment on an outpatient basis.

Russian coronavirus drug on sale
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According to Andrei Mladentsev, general director of the Promomed manufacturing company, pharmacy chains that managed to buy the drug on Friday traded it - the first official day of sales.

He noted that almost all large pharmacy chains and distributors ordered the medicine. At the first stage, the drug will arrive in about 10 thousand pharmacies in Russia. In the future, the number of points will expand.

"We have 60 thousand pharmacies and, it is enough to fill 30 thousand pharmacies so that the consumer can freely buy medicine. However, this will be one third of the necessary availability so far," said Mladentsev.

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Earlier it was reported that the packaging of Areplivir would cost from 12,320 rubles. Experts explained the high price of the drug by its high global demand.


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