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Russian Federation resumes flights with Belarus and South Korea

Russia will partially resume flights with Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, which were interrupted this spring due to coronavirus.

Russian Federation resumes flights with Belarus and South Korea

On September 20, the Russian prime minister signed a decree on the partial resumption of flights with Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation, flights will be carried out once every seven days to the capitals of these countries: Nur-Sultan, Bishkek and Minsk. In addition, since September 27, Russians can fly to the center of South Korea - Seoul.

At the same time, Russian carriers have not officially announced the start of flights to these cities, but Aeroflot has already opened the sale of tickets for flights from the Russian capital to Bishkek since September 23, Minsk since September 26, Nur-Sultan since September 27, and to Seoul since October 1.

From Monday, September 21, the export flight program is suspended. The reason was the resumption of international air traffic.

It is noted that upon arrival in Kazakhstan, Russian tourists will have to present a certificate of absence of COVID-19: it is necessary to pass a PCR test within two days or be under a 14-day home quarantine. Currently, the Belarusian and Kyrgyz authorities have not declared mandatory testing for coronavirus during flights from Moscow.

When entering South Korea, Russians will have to undergo a medical test no more than 48 hours before departure and receive a conclusion about the absence of COVID-19 symptoms. Moreover, those who arrived have to pass the coronavirus test at the airport and, regardless of its results, go into two-week quarantine. The South Korean authorities will provide the premises for this. Staying in it will cost up to 150 thousand won (137 dollars) per day, which have to be paid by the arrivals.

After returning from abroad to Moscow, citizens of the Russian Federation must take a COVID-19 test within three days and post the results on the public services portal.


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