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Experts of Roskachestvo found honey with pesticides and antibiotics

In addition, experts debunked common myths about honey.

Experts of Roskachestvo found honey with pesticides and antibiotics

Roskachestvo specialists examined more than four dozen honey brands and debunked popular myths about this product.

The specialists did not find hazardous impurities in 46 tested samples such as arsenic and heavy metals, but two manufacturers did not meet the established standards in connection with the carcinogen content: Globus and First Thing. This can be due to improper storage of products, unfavourable changes in the temperature regime, as well as the decomposition of sugars.

The research also revealed the presence of antibiotics in 19 tested samples, but their quantity is not harmful to health. Experts explained that this is possible when using drugs for the prevention of infectious diseases of bees incorrectly. Another 22 manufacturers incorrectly indicated honey varieties on the package, pesticides were found in one sample.

Experts explained that manufacturers do not dilute honey with water, contrary to the common myth. The increased water content of the product causes improper storage and collection, and if honey is diluted with water, the fermentation process begins in it.

In addition, the opinion that when getting into hot tea, honey becomes harmful is also a myth. When contacted with a high temperature, the product only loses some of its beneficial properties.


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