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Foreigners in Russia can now register migrants in their houses

In Russia, a law has entered into force allowing foreign citizens with real estate to host visitors from other countries and register them at their places of residence.

Foreigners in Russia can now register migrants in their houses

In June, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law "On migratory registration of foreigners and stateless people in the Russian Federation," which was amended.

According to it, a house owner, even having no Russian citizenship, can allocate his dwelling to a person without the Russian citizenship.

In addition, the law exempts from the obligation to register at the place of stay for a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of arrival of foreigners participating in the state program to assist the voluntary resettlement to Russia of compatriots living abroad, as well as their family members.

On July 31, the head of state instructed to work out the issue of optimizing the acquisition of Russian citizenship by foreigners. Putin noted that these proposals should be worked out together with the presidential administration as part of the working group’s activities on the implementation of the Concept of State Migration Policy of the Russian Federation for the next five years.


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