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TV presenter Regina Todorenko hints of second pregnancy

TV presenter Regina Todorenko gives her subscribers a gentle hint about a second pregnancy.

TV presenter Regina Todorenko hints of second pregnancy

On August 28, TV presenter Regina Todorenko in her account on the social network Instagram published a photo with the caption "I am sure that very soon my project #Regina + 1 will be called #REGINA + 2."

“Regina + 1” is a children's health program hosted by Todorenko on Friday. The name means that the presenter has only one child. However, Todorenko with her new publication surprised subscribers who immediately began to ask questions about the second pregnancy.

In 2018, Regina Todorenko first became a mother for her young son. Despite her statements about being unprepared for motherhood during the first pregnancy, the presenter recently expressed a desire to become a mother with many children.


Photo: @reginatodorenko / Instagram

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