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Christina Aguilera admits she misses talking to Britney Spears

Singer Christina Aguilera spoke warmly about Britney Spears after a conflict with a colleague. She supported the pop star, freed from her father's care.

Christina Aguilera admits she misses talking to Britney Spears
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Aguilera and Spears began their musical careers with the Mickey Mouse Club show in 1993. At that time, the young artists were close friends. However, over time, the singers began to communicate less and their roads diverged.

Christina warmly recalls her friendship with Britney. In an interview with Enrique Santos, the singer said she was ready to reconnect.

"I would love to, I've always been open to it. It's a subject I definitely want to be careful with because I don't want to talk inappropriately about someone I respect and admire so much," Aguilera said.

She's madly happy for Britney Spears' freedom. Aguilera believes that every woman should be in charge of her own life.

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The conflict between the singers occurred last fall. Latin Grammy Awards 2021 guest Christina Aguilera was asked to speak out about Britney Spears' release from custody. However, the celebrity refused to answer. Britney then accused her ex-girlfriend of hypocrisy.

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