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Prince of Austria is arrested for bad behavior

The 66-year-old man threatened the maid for noisy walking around the house and got rowdy. Moreover, before that he attacked the police.

Prince of Austria is arrested for bad behavior

66-year-old Prince of Austria Ernst August V of Hanover was arrested for threats and robbery.

The publication Kronen Zeitung writes that his maid complained about him. According to the prince, she and her husband walk too loudly around the estate, and if they do not change, he will send "thugs" to their home. Then he pulled out a road sign and broke a window in the foundation of the Duke of Cumberland.

Before that, he had already committed one offense: Prince Hanover attacked the police, after he went to a psychiatric hospital. After a short forced treatment, he again threatened the police with a baseball bat in his hands.


Photo: from open sources

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