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Australia to perform world’s first bionic eye transplantation

Specialists have been working on the device for more than 10 years. It has already been tested on animals.

Australia to perform world’s first bionic eye transplantation

Employees at Monash University in Melbourne have developed the Gennaris bionic device. It allows a person who has lost his sight to regain it - this is achieved using microelectrodes implanted in the brain, a wireless transmitter and a camera.

This construction allows you to bypass damaged optic nerves - in this way the signal is delivered directly from the retina to the central nervous system.

Scientists needed more than 10 years of development to present the prototype. The device has already been successfully tested on three sheep. Animals gained sight for 2700 hours.

Experts believe that the use of such a device will help not only in the restoration of sight, but also in the progress in the treatment of neurological diseases.


Photo: xquatrox.deviantart 

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