BRINC unveils new police drone

BRINC has unveiled a new production police drone for building inspection and negotiation.

BRINC unveils new police drone
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According to DroneNerds, BRINC introduced a mass-produced police quadcopter for building inspection and negotiation, which can independently break a window that prevents entry into a building.

Thus, the frame of the new drone is made of carbon fibre. It is equipped with powerful rotors with propellers, as well as a flight control algorithm that allows the drone to push doors and fly through doorways.

It is noted that when working in a building, the drone is able to communicate with the operator through two standard private houses, with a line-of-sight distance of 13 km.

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In addition, the new drone can be equipped with a device for breaking glass windows. It is in the form of a block that can rotate at up to 30,000 revolutions per minute, and is equipped with tips made of tungsten carbide.


Photo: Brinc

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