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St. Petersburg authorities may open cinemas on September 12

In connection with the numerous complaints of the owners of cinemas and food courts, the St. Petersburg government is considering the possibility of opening them earlier than September 20.

St. Petersburg authorities may open cinemas on September 12

According to Kommersant, citing the vice-governor of St. Petersburg Yevgeny Yelin, the authorities plan to restore work of food courts, cinemas and concert halls since September 12. According to him, if in the first days of the new school year there will be no deterioration in the epidemiological situation, then the restrictions will be lifted further.

At this time, business representatives again filed a complaint against the government with the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).

The OFAS promised to consider the appeal of entrepreneurs after receiving. However, now the department is studying the possibility of initiating an antitrust case against the Government of St. Petersburg on another complaint from shopping centers.


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