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Zakharova: NATO began to forget who fought with Nazism

In this way, she commented on the words of the NATO military leader that Russia is an adversary today. She said the general needs to know the history better.

Zakharova: NATO began to forget who fought with Nazism

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that NATO began to forget who brought freedom to European countries at the end of World War II. A statement was made by a representative of the foreign ministry on her Facebook page.

The history of the question is as follows: in an interview with Dagens Nyheter, the head of NATO's North operational command in Europe, Lieutenant General Jörg Volmer, said that Russia was trying to spoil relations between Sweden and NATO.

He added that Russia is not an enemy, taking into account the joint history, but is an opponent.

Zakharova wrote that German generals should learn history better. She added that the USSR was the largest participant in World War II - the fight against Hitler's Nazism.

In the past few years, relations between Russia and NATO have deteriorated significantly.


Photo: TASS

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