Trump agreed to leave peacefully on one condition

Political opponents of the president have repeatedly expressed fears about the transition of power. Republicans, however, assure Americans of compliance with the legal procedure.

Trump agreed to leave peacefully on one condition
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US President Donald Trump said he would admit defeat in the upcoming November elections if the Supreme Court issues a verdict.

The politician made such a statement during a podcast with Fox News host Brian Kilmid.

Trump also added that it is necessary to go a long way to get such a verdict.

We remind that representatives of the Democratic Party opposing Trump have expressed their fears about the peaceful transfer of power in the White House for several times. A cause for concern is Trump's own statements: he said several times that he would like to be president for decades.

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The White House said it was a joke.

The precedent occurred in 2000 when the Supreme Court awarded victory in the US presidential election. Then the judges decided to recognize George W. Bush as the winner.


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