US declares readiness of Russia to freeze its nuclear arsenal

The State Department called the future extension of START-III a historic step. We remind that the treaty expires in February 2021.

US declares readiness of Russia to freeze its nuclear arsenal
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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the country's authorities proceed from the fact that Russia agreed in principle to extend START-III treaty. The official made such a statement during the briefing.

He added that the extension of the treaty will be a historic event for both parties. Pompeo expressed hope for an early meeting of US and Russian negotiators.

At the same time, the head of the foreign ministry said that at the moment 45% of Russia's nuclear weapons and over 90% of the United States’ ones fall under START-III restrictions. Pompeo again mentioned China - according to him, the PRC is not at all bound by any restrictions in the field of strategic area.

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We remind, on October 16, Vladimir Putin invited American partners to extend START-III for a year in order to prepare for a more thorough agreement on conditions in the field of nuclear weapons control.


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