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Pompeo: US creates coalition against Nord Stream 2

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the creation of a coalition against Nord Stream 2. The community must prevent the construction of a gas pipeline.

Pompeo: US creates coalition against Nord Stream 2

"The United States is creating a coalition to prevent the completion of Nord Stream 2. We hope that Russia and Germany will not complete the gas pipeline, which creates risks for Europe and threatens Ukraine by its dependence on Russian gas," Mike Pompeo said in an interview with Bild.

During a conversation with reporters, the US Secretary of State mentioned the incident with Alexei Navalny. "We hope that Berlin will come to the same opinion, especially after Navalny's poisoning," Mike Pompeo said.

The German Ministry of Finance previously declined to comment on conversations with the American authorities about the fate of Nord Stream 2. There is evidence that Berlin was going to introduce special conditions for the United States so that they would not interfere in the construction of the gas pipeline.

Bundestag deputy Waldemar Gerdt said that if Nord Stream-2 is abandoned, Germany will lose billions of rubles. The country's energy security will also be in danger, the politician emphasized.


Photo: from open sources

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