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Pentagon announces increased competition with Russia and China

The head of the department added that the United States will work more actively with the allies. At the same time, the US authorities do not intend to conflict with any country, he emphasized.

Pentagon announces increased competition with Russia and China

Pentagon chief Mark Esper said the United States intends to increase competition with Russia and China in the global arms market. The head of the defense department made such a statement during an online seminar in the Atlantic Council.

According to Esper, both allies and representatives of American industry say that the US military export process is too slow. In this regard, the Minister of Defense continued, the supply system needs to be reformed.

Currently, the United States is considering the possibility of concluding defense contracts worth more than $160 billion, the head of the Pentagon said. These plans concern the Indian and Pacific Ocean regions.

In addition, Washington will actively transfer surplus military equipment and other property to its allies in order to counter China, the minister concluded.


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