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German deputy assessed risks in abandoning Nord Stream 2

Bundestag deputy Waldemar Gerdt said that stopping the construction of Nord Stream 2 will lead to multibillion-dollar fines.

German deputy assessed risks in abandoning Nord Stream 2

According to RIA Novosti, Nord Stream is not a Russian-German project, it involves more than 100 international firms that received construction permits and invested their money there.

"If we now stop Nord Stream with a political decision, then we face more than 10 billion euros in penalties. That is, compensation to all these companies," said the deputy.

In addition, the rejection of the gas pipeline may call into question Germany's energy security.

"We are closing coal plants, we are abandoning nuclear energy, we are switching to electric transport, and where will we take energy resources if we abandon the most economically and environmentally profitable gas proposal that Russia has made to us?" - said the deputy.

He noted that the United States is dirty fighting for energy markets. Those who advocate the suspension of the gas pipeline project should understand that energy tariffs will increase by 20% per month.

Earlier, the deputy of the Rada from the “Opposition Platform ‒ For Life” party, Yuri Zagorodny, said that the United States aims to collapse the Ukrainian gas transmission system (GTS) if the Nord Stream 2 project is stopped.

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