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Croatian journalist spoke about Gorbachev’s mistake

Croatian publicist Advance, Antun Rocha, decided to speak out about the mistake made by the first president of the USSR. The point is, Mikhail Gorbachev decided to «take on trust» instead of the awarding of a contract.

Croatian journalist spoke about Gorbachev’s mistake

According to the publicist, Gorbachev made a mistake at the signing of the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany.

He means the issue of "commitments not to expand NATO's borders into Eastern Europe."

Later, Mikhail Gorbachev noted that Western leaders assured him promising to refuse to involve countries east of Germany to the North Atlantic Alliance.

However, there was no specific paragraph in the document.

Later, Gorbachev regretted oral promises and "distrust of Western countries," which, as it turned out, became members of NATO.


Photo: from open sources

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