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Trump refuses to take part in virtual debate with Biden

He called such a condition of the organizers unacceptable. Trump added that the physical presence of candidates is extremely important.

Trump refuses to take part in virtual debate with Biden

US President Donald Trump said he would not take part in a virtual debate with Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The owner of the White House expressed his position on the air of the television channel Fox Business.

According to him, the proposal of Commission on Presidential Televised Debates is an unacceptable condition. He called such a format ridiculous.

Trump added that instead of virtual debates, he will take part in an election meeting with supporters. Such a statement was published by the campaign manager of the current president, William Stepin.

The statement said that it is easy to ensure the safety of all participants in the live meeting of candidates.

We remind that elections in the States will be held on November 3.


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