There are free days at VDNKh museums again

Three museums will be free once a month: VDNh Museum, Buran Complex and Slovo Centre. The earliest possible opportunity to visit exhibitions is on 21 March.

There are free days at VDNKh museums again
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Days of free visits to three sites at VDNKh are resumed in Moscow: VDNKh Museum, Slovo centre of Slavic literature and Buran interactive complex, according to the official website of the mayor of the capital.

The day with free entrance every month will fall on the third Sunday, the nearest date is tomorrow, March 21, and the next one is April 18.

Deputy Mayor Natalya Sergunina says it was decided to hold the campaign in 2019. Last year it was abandoned because of the coronavirus.

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Now all VDNh facilities may be visited, but sanitary rules must be observed.


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