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Two regular non-tourist river routes will appear in Moscow

In Moscow, they chose the 2 most popular routes of the future river tram, which will work all year.

Two regular non-tourist river routes will appear in Moscow

According to the deputy mayor of the capital, the head of the Department of Transport and Development of Road Transport Infrastructure of Moscow Maxim Liksutov, after the opening of the Northern River Station, Muscovites had another favorite place. About 20 thousand people visited it on the first weekend after the opening. The station also performs a transport function. All berths were overhauled and the bottom was cleared for navigation. Since now, the North River Station can receive approximately 24 tourist river boats per day.

Maxim Liksutov noted that Moscow needs river transport.

- We made several routes of the future river tram and chose 2 the most popular ones. We want river transport to work all year. It will have city tariffs, Troika cards, social cards and benefits, the deputy mayor added.

The first route will go from the Fili park to the Kiev station through 4 districts of the city - Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Filevsky Park, Presnensky and Dorogomilovo. The interval between trams is 4-10 minutes.

The second route will connect Novodanilovskaya embankment and Pechatniki, Liksutov added.


Photo: RIA News

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