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Video: terrorist who killed three people is neutralized in Nice

Law enforcement agencies in French Nice neutralized the terrorist who killed three people. The incident occurred on Thursday, October 29, in Notre Dame Cathedral.

Video: terrorist who killed three people is neutralized in Nice

A number of French media wrote that the killer was sent with bullet wounds to the Pasteur Hospital. There is also evidence that the suspect in the attack on people was fingerprinted to establish his identity.

The French police reported that the previously alleged offender was not prosecuted for committing crimes. It is believed that the suspect is about 25 years old.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo expressed condolences to France and the families of those killed after the terrorist attack in Nice. Condolences to the President of France and the families of the victims were also sent by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Council of the Islamic Faith of France (CFCM) condemned the attack on people, and also called for the cancellation of Mawlid holidays - the celebration of the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday.

A man armed with a knife killed three people, among whom was one woman. Presumably, the attacker beheaded her.


Photo: Reuters


Video: RuNews24 / Yandex. Air

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