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Dagestan employee of colony where prisoners escaped is detained

He is accused of abuse of power. His case will be handled by a special department.

Dagestan employee of colony where prisoners escaped is detained

In Dagestan, they detained an employee of a colony who worked in the Center for Labor Adaptation of the second correctional colony of the regional Federal Penitentiary Service, according to the investigating committee in Dagestan.

The man was charged under part 1 of article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The largest punishment under this article is 4 years in prison. The case will be handled by the department for investigation of special importance.

The police are continuing to investigate to identify the rest of those involved in the incident.

The escape of prisoners in the village of Shahmal became known on September 23. Six people dug a tunnel a meter in height. It began in the management unit of the colony and ended a couple of tens of meters from the outer wall of the prison. It is still unknown how they dug the tunnel.


Photo: Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation in Dagestan

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