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Mentally ill mother kills nine-year-old son in Murom

Investigators in the Vladimir region opened the criminal case of the murder of an infant. The child was killed by her own mother, a 30-year-old resident of Murom.

Mentally ill mother kills nine-year-old son in Murom

The woman first strangled the boy with a pillow, and then stabbed him eight times. They lived in the same room, the grandfather of the child and stepmother of the woman also lived in the apartment. Her husband passed away a few years ago.

According to the local portal “Murom24”, the killer is not quite healthy, she is registered with a psychiatrist. Since 2015, a woman has not been working. She tried to end her life, having realized what she had done. Now she is in intensive care, the police are guarding the woman.

Neighbors characterize this family as positive, say that mom and son went to the sea in the summer.


Photo: from open sources

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