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In China, Math teacher beat student to death for wrong answer

A math teacher from the Chinese province of Sichuan beat a primary school student to death - a girl twice answered questions incorrectly.

In China, Math teacher beat student to death for wrong answer

According to Oriental Daily, on September 10, Teacher's Day was celebrated in China. A ten-year-old girl came to school with flowers to congratulate her teachers. One of the first was a mathematics lesson. The girl could not answer two questions of the teacher, because of which he put the child on the knees and began to pull the schoolgirl by the ears and beat on the head. The sister of the girl, who is also in class, said that the girl could not rise during the punishment. Later, classmates helped the schoolgirl return to the desk.

Three hours after the lesson, the teacher called the girl's grandmother and asked to pick her up from school due to unhealthy appearance. The woman saw that her granddaughter could not speak and open her eyes. The girl was hospitalized, but she died.

The grandmother claims that the girl was afraid to go to the classes of this teacher, as he often used corporal punishment.


Photo: from open sources

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