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New daily anti-record on number of COVID-19 cases in Italy

In Italy, a new daily anti-record was recorded for the number of newly identified cases of COVID-19 infection. A new wave of coronavirus in Europe makes itself felt.

New daily anti-record on number of COVID-19 cases in Italy

According to the Italian Ministry of Health, 31,084 new cases of the disease were detected per day. In addition, over the past day, 199 people died in the country.

"Today, 10% of positive tests were taken from people. This indicator is alarming, as the pandemic is gaining momentum, and the virus is spreading at a frightening fast speed," ANSA reports.

On Friday, October 30, 16,994 people were in the hospital wards of Italy. This figure is 1,030 more than the previous day on October 29.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Italy, 647,674 people with COVID-19 were diagnosed, of which 283,567 were cured, another 38,321 people died. The Italian authorities are going to increase the number of tests: over the past day, more than 215 thousand tests for coronavirus were done.

Spanish and Swiss scientists have previously reported the appearance of a new variety of COVID-19 in Europe. A new species is SARS-CoV-2 called 20A.EU1, it was also discovered in Hong Kong and New Zealand.


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