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Putin: number of poor will be halved in coming years

He expressed confidence in this. At the moment, about 20 million people belong to the category of poor in the country.

Putin: number of poor will be halved in coming years

Vladimir Putin said that in the coming years the poverty level in Russia will be halved.

The head of state made such a statement during the forum "Russia calls!"

Putin noted that today Russia, in comparison with the beginning of the two thousandth years, is a completely different country - this has also affected the economy. Accordingly, the president continued, the income level of citizens has also changed.

According to the latest official data, Putin said, today in Russia there are about 20 million people below the poverty line - this is twice less than 20 years ago.

Therefore, the head of state concluded, there is every reason to believe that the poverty level will be reduced in the future.

We remind that poverty in Russia is defined as income that is below the subsistence level.


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