US and UK are biggest holders of Russian government debt

US and UK investors have invested the most in Russian government debt. At the same time, as a result of US sanctions, the share of non-residents of the Russian Federation among FLB holders will shrink.

US and UK are biggest holders of Russian government debt
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The share of Russian non-residents' investments in Federal Loan Bonds (FLB) decreased by 1.8% in March 2021. After the corresponding changes, it stands at 20.2%, according to the Bank of Russia.

The US has long been discussing the imposition of sanctions against Russian government debt. It is likely that a number of US financial institutions will not be able to buy Russian government bonds on the primary market.

Moscow, for its part, is developing a series of measures to mitigate the impact of US sanctions against sovereign debt.

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Experts predict that this will result in a situation in which the share of non-residents among FLB holders will continue to decline.


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