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Control over beer trade in Russia will be strengthened

This will be part of the unshadowing of economics. It is referred not only to the alcohol trade.

Control over beer trade in Russia will be strengthened

In Russia, control over the retail turnover of brewing products will be strengthened. This was stated by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov during a meeting of the College of Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation.

Tightening of state control will be carried out with the help of mandatory marking. The official called the introduction of a single state automated system a system solution, since so far only products of illegal origin are seized.

Last year, for example, more than a million liters were seized, the head of the department concluded.

We remind that today in Russia fur products, tobacco products, medicines and shoes are being tagged. Several more categories of goods are in line - including dairy products. Ice cream producers opposed - this will lead to a rise in price by tens of percent.


Photo: from open sources

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